Title 1

Targeted Assistance Program

West Morris Regional operates a Title I targeted assistance program at West Morris Mendham High School. For fiscal year 2024 (FY24), the West Morris Regional High School District will receive $48,548. 

For questions regarding Title 1, please contact the program coordinator.

Title 1 Program Coordinator

Melissa Heike

Assistant Superintendent: Curriculum and Instruction

(908)879-6404 x1379

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Title 1?

Title I, Part A (Title I) of the Elementary and Secondary Education Act, as amended by the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESEA) provides financial assistance to local educational agencies to meet the needs of educationally at-risk students. The goal of Title I is to provide additional instructional services and activities that support students identified as failing or most at risk of failing the state's challenging performance standards in mathematics, reading, and writing.

How does our school receive Title 1 funds?

Title 1 funds are allocated to schools through a federal formula grant based on the number of low-income students attending that school as a percentage of total enrollment. Students DO NOT have to be from low-income families to receive Title 1 services.

What does "targeted assistance" mean?

West Morris Mendham High School is a Targeted Assistance School (TAS). The term "targeted assistance" signifies that the services are provided to a select group of children -- those identified as failing, or most at risk of failing, to meet the challenging state performance standards that all students are expected to master. Title 1 funds must be used to supplement the services that West Morris Regional already provides through its regular operating budget.

Which students are eligible for Title 1 services at West Morris Mendham?

The targeted assistance program at WMM will serve Grade 11 students who are at risk of failing to meet the New Jersey Student Learning Standards as measured by the New Jersey Graduation Proficiency Assessment (NJGPA). Students may become eligible for Targeted Assistance Services in English Language Arts and/or mathematics through:

  • Partially proficient scores on Grade 9 standardized assessments in qualifying subject areas.

  • Final class grade in qualifying subject areas below 70% in Grades 9 and/or 10.

  • Teacher recommendation in qualifying subject area.  Teachers may recommend a student for TAS support at any time during the school year. 

  • Parent recommendation for services. 

How can parents help?

Parents, you can influence the success of your student in school more than any teacher or federal program. Research shows that how well students do in school depends a great deal upon how much their parents get involved in their education. You can become more involved by:

  • Monitoring attendance and academic performance.

  • Making sure homework and long-term assignments are completed and submitted on time.

  • Encouraging your student to seek extra help when needed.

  • Communicating with your student's teachers as needed.

  • Keeping your student's school counselor informed about events in their life that may affect performance at school.

  • Encouraging healthy habits (e.g., adequate sleep, eating healthy foods, regular exercise)

  • Monitoring screen time and social media use.

  • Promoting positive use of your student's extracurricular time.