Harassment, Intimidation & Bullying

WMRHSD Anti-Bullying Team

Michael ReinknechtDistrict Anti-Bullying Coordinator
School Climate State Coordinator

10 South Four Bridges Road, Chester NJ 07930
908-879-6404 x1476, mreinknecht@wmrhsd.org

West Morris Central Anti-Bullying Specialists

259 Bartley Road, Chester NJ 07930

Michelle Ellsworth, 908-879-5212 x3899, mellsworth@wmrhsd.org

Chris Carroll, 908-879-5212 x3321, ccarroll@wmrhsd.org

Toni Liskiewicz, 908-879-5212 x3325, tliskiewicz@wmrhsd.org

West Morris Mendham Anti-Bullying Specialists
65 East Main Street, Mendham NJ 07945

Sarah Bovee, 973-543-2501 x4520, sbovee@wmrhsd.org

Anne Meagher, 973-543-2501 x4320, ameagher@wmrhsd.org

Mo Abdelaziz, 973-543-2501 x4330, mabdelaziz@wmrhsd.org

Please click through the linked documentation below to view West Morris Regional High School District's Anti-Bullying Campaign. View the District and School Grade Report.