Personalized Learning Initiative

Personalized Learning Vision and Goals

The focus of personalized learning in the West Morris Regional High School District is to adequately prepare students for college and career readiness while equipping them with the necessary skill set to excel in all facets of their educational career, enabling them to become exceptional learners.

All students matriculating into the district will receive their own personal device in order to cultivate a seamless, reliable, and dynamic environment that will enhance teaching and learning. By leveraging technology in a meaningful way, the West Morris Regional High School District will target four key goals:

  • Ensure that technology is ubiquitous both at school and at home through a robust ecosystem of devices, curriculum-aligned resources and services, and state of the art wireless infrastructure providing a seamless platform for teaching and learning.

  • Afford students greater ownership of the learning process with control over the place, pace, and or path at which learning occurs

  • Empower teachers to have increased access to students and have the capacity to personalize and differentiate learning, meeting students where they are academically

  • Instill in students requisite media and information literacy skills necessary to thrive in a technology and media-driven environment.

The West Morris Regional High School District Board of Education believes that technology is an integral and necessary part of the educational experience, with the capacity to advance teaching and learning and in turn transform the classroom experience for all learners.