Child Study Team

Both West Morris Mendham and West Morris Central have designated Child Study Teams trained to evaluate and develop academic and social-development plans for students. Listed below are district and school-based staff contact information. 


Director of Special Education / 504 Coordinator / Anti-Bullying Coordinator

Michael Reinknecht, M.Ed.
(908)879-6404 ext. 1476

Work Based Learning (WBL) Coordinator, Transition Coordinator

Michelle Jaross
District Cell- 908-645-2081

Administrative Assistant to the Director of Special Education

Patricia Ercolano
(908) 879-6404 ext. 1476 
Fax:  (908)879-5397

West Morris Central

Administrative Assistant to the Child Study Team

Mrs. Karin Buchanan
908-879-5212 ext. 3540

 School Psychologists

Mr. Steven Deon
908-879-5212 ext. 3530

 Mrs. Caitlin Rodgers
908-879-5212 ext. 3510

 Learning Disabilities Teacher- Consultant (LDT-C)

Mrs. Patricia Howe
908-879-5212 ext. 3525 

School Social Workers

Ms. Lois Green
908-879-5212 ext. 3856

 Mr. Martin O’Toole
908-879-5212 ext. 3515

West Morris Mendham

Administrative Assistant to the Child Study Team

Mrs. Donna Tamburello
973-543-2501 ext. 4540

School Psychologists

Mrs. Kendra Dickerson
973-543-2501 ext. 4525

 Mr. Fred Fell
973-543-2501 ext. 4510

Mrs. Gina Flores
973-543-2501 ext. 4540

School Social Workers

Mrs. Tracy Costa
973-543-2501 ext. 4515

Mrs. Alison Michno
973-543-2501 ext. 4530