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Life Skills

West Morris Regional High School District

Life Skills Program


The Life Skills program is a self-contained special education placement designed to meet the needs of students with pervasive learning challenges who require specialized instruction targeting the development of essential language arts and communication skills, mathematical concepts, knowledge of civics and government, career readiness via community-based instruction, social decision-making skills, and computer literacy. The self-contained nature of the program provides students with a home base within the larger school community for primary courses while allowing for inclusion and integration for selective courses and experiences.

Life Skills Course Offerings: 

  • English Language Arts
  • Essential Math Concepts
  • Essential Biology
  • Essential Physical Science
  • Transitions: School to Work
  • Civics and Government
  • Social Decision Making
  • Structured Learning Experiences/Work-Based Learning
  • In/Out Class Support
  • Engineering for Everyone
  • Survey of Music
  • Multi-Sensory Reading

The special education program is designed to meet the individual needs of each student with a disability. In most

cases, the courses provide a structure that parallels the regular high school program but is flexible enough to

accommodate the instructional needs of the student’s Individualized Educational Plan. All special education

curricula address the New Jersey Student Learning Standards and for purposes of GPA and rank are considered

Studies Level. All program determinations are made by the IEP team.

Work-Based Learning Experiences: 

Life Skills students (age 16 or older) can add single-period Work-Based Learning (WBL/SLE) to their schedules to experience in-school work experiences. This provides students with valuable learning experiences outside of the classroom, but still within the school building. Listed below are some of the in-school work experiences can complete. 

*WBL Experiences (in school single periods): 

  • Coffee Cart
  • Snack Shack
  • Library Assistance 
  • Gardening
  • Office Assistance 
  • Copying Services 
  • Mail Delivery 
  • Custodial Assistance

*Partial List

Community-Based Instruction: 

Life Skills students can participate in Community-Based Instruction (CBI) activities to see the community and learn more about the skills needed to successfully navigate the world outside the classroom. In addition, students learn about the jobs and skills needed to work at these various establishments. Listed below are some examples of CBI experiences the program has visited. 

*CBI Experiences: 

  • Shopping (Grocery, Retail, and Household Essentials) 
  • Restaurants (Eating and Touring) 
  • Farms & Arboretums (Apple Orchard, Pumpkin Patch, Tree Farms) 
  • Library 
  • Food Pantry 
  • Coffee Shops 
  • Seasonal Specialty Events 
  • Car Dealership
  • Post Office 
  • Police Station

*Partial List

If you are interested in having our students visit your establishment for a CBI experience please contact Michelle Jaross [email protected] or Kelsey Matkowski [email protected]

Parent Resources for Transition: 

The sites below are resources to help parents and families of students with learning differences. These resources outline the important information related to students transitioning from high school to adulthood at age 18. Parents can use these resources and websites to learn more about the steps needed for transition services including what needs to be completed and timelines for completing all necessary paperwork. 

 SCARC Guardianship

The Boggs Center on Developmental Disabilities Website

Boggs Center Transition Timeline for Parents

DDD Aging Out Timeline

The Arc Planning for Adult Life



If you have any questions about your child’s transition plan please contact their case manager. 

Click here to access the Child Study Team contact information. 

If you experience any issues with the accessibility of this website or have a concern, please contact Sean Beavers, District Technology Coordinator via email: [email protected].
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