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Supervision & Evaluation

The West Morris Regional High School District has taken decisive action to implement the new Department of Education regulations regarding teacher and principal evaluation.  Last year we anticipated change and, as a result, we instituted many of the recommendations suggested by Governor Christie’s NJ Educator Effectiveness Task Force before the state deadlines.

In 2011-2012, the WMRHSD:

·         Acquired OASYS from MyLearningPlan.  This technology platform gathers and organizes data in a digital format relative to teacher performance. http://www.mylearningplan.com

·         Trained administrators in the OASYS program in August and September, 2011.

·         Adopted the Charlotte Danielson 2007 metrics on teacher effectiveness through the OASYS program.  This became one of the approved NJ programs in 2012.

·         Adopted a four-tiered system describing teacher effectiveness: Highly Effective, Effective, Partially Effective, Ineffective.

·         Adopted the INTASC Model Core Teaching Standards and connected teacher evaluation to these standards through the OASYS program.

·         Instituted digital portfolios and documentation logs in the supervision  process: Teacher/Peer Visitation Portfolios, Lesson Video Tape Observation Process, Understanding By Design Digital Discussion, and Student-For-A-Day Observation Reflection.

·         Restructured the administrative organization by creating district supervisors in the five academic areas: History, English, Science, Math, and World Languages.  This will provide greater support, dialogue, feedback and oversight for our teachers within each department. 

In 2012-2013, the WMRHSD has

·         Created a school-based evaluation advisory committee.  This committee will meet four times in the next two months and make recommendations regarding the district’s evaluation system. 

·         The Committee Members comprise of the following

o   Chair

§  Gil Moscatello               Former Acting Principal Assistant 

                                       Principal WMC

o   District Supervisors

§  Kim Helsel                     English

§  Margaret Sheldon           Science

§  Barbara Pagnotta           Math

§  Rosanne Lichatin            History

§  Jessica LaSusa               World Languages

o   IB Coordinator

§  Tim Rymer                    

o   Teachers

§  Cara Kober               Teacher of English  MHS

§  Bruce Taterka           Teacher of Science/member of the NJ  
Pilot Advisory Committee

§  David Crews             Teacher of English  CHS

§  Joe Geddes                Teacher of English CHS 

§ Kristen Brynildsen       Teacher of History CHS


During the current school year the West Morris Regional High School District will undertake the following actions in order to fully implement the new regulations proposed by the New Jersey Department of Education.

·         By October 31st,, create a District Evaluation Advisory Committee to oversee the implementation of the district’s evaluation policies and procedures.  This committee will consist of teachers, central office administrators, building administrators, a Board of Education member, and a community member. 

·         By November 30th, make a recommendation for the adoption of evaluation rubrics for teachers and principals.

·         By February 1st, establish School Improvement Panels in each school to ensure the effectiveness of the school’s teachers.  The panel will oversee mentoring, professional development, and the evaluation process.

·         By July 1st, train all teachers in the new evaluation system.

·         By August 31st, train all administrators in the new evaluation system. 


We will be submitting the Stronge Teacher Effectiveness Evaluation Program as well as the Stronge Leadership Evaluation Framework (administrators) to our County Executive Office next month.  The following links provide greater insight into the model.

·         http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ho4VxpbM4D8

·         http://www.strongeandassociates.com/files/Stronge%20Evaluation%20System%20Report.pdf

·         http://www.strongeandassociates.com/files/S&A%20Teacher%20Detailed%20Handout%20Jan12.pdf

Specifically, we will be engaged in the following activities in preparation for the beginning of a new evaluation system (September 2013). 

·         Administrators and teachers will be testing and refining the Stronge Evaluation instruments through formal classroom observations of all teaching faculty between February and June 2013. 

·         We will be establishing School Improvement Panels in each school in February, 2013.

·         All teaching faculty and administrators will participate in formal training of the Stronge Evaluation model before June 1st, 2013.

·         Our District Advisory Evaluation Committee will continue to meet to provide feedback and input.


The superintendent will be making a presentation to the Board of Education on January 28th outlining the specific reasons why the Stronge Evaluation Model was chosen as well as to outline the steps the district will be taking for formal training of this evaluation system.

You may find the following NJ Department of Education websites to be helpful.

NJ Educator Effectiveness Task Force Recommendations   http://www.state.nj.us/education/educators/effectiveness.pdf

Excellent Educators  For New Jersey                

Common Core Standards /PARCC