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Welcome back. The West Morris Regional High School District is poised for another exciting school year. Last year’s district initiatives –-curriculum redesign, adoption of a new supervision model, the compilation and analysis of student achievement data, and the development of a comprehensive vision for technology—remain the focus of our collective energies and will continue to propel us forward.
Our community is proud of its schools and children. Each September we reassert our commitment to the highest standard of academic excellence. Our goals last year were ambitious and our accomplishments were noteworthy. As a result, West Morris Regional students continue to ascend and place at the top in student achievement measures for college readiness as well as in athletics and co-curricular activities. The impressive data in the following pages provides us with confidence and momentum as we move forward with an equally aspiring agenda in 2013-2014.
The scope of our mission continues to expand due to the rapid evolution of technology, the dynamics of a knowledge-based economy and the complexity of an interdependent society. Accordingly, we are committed to providing a comprehensive program empowering each student to connect to and compete in this transformative, global society. To this end, last year’s Community Tech Forum and Strategic Development Process have paved the way for a dynamic vision for our students’ future education.
While strong student achievement data and a progressive vision for technology are admirable and necessary components in a successful school, these factors alone are not all-encompassing conditions for excellence. Our purpose of the moment is to empower each student so he or she may live a good, valuable and dignified life during high school and in the years beyond. Our Vision of a Graduate continues to drive our decisions and this vision can only be achieved through a strong partnership with the community.
I look forward to a meaningful dialogue throughout this school year.
Mackey Pendergrast